Bondage Sex Stories

Biker Weekend

Several years ago, before I had my drinking "problem," I had the perfect life. I was educated, employed, financially secure - and best of all - married to a wonderful woman. We had a pretty little house in the suburbs, and we both taught at a very prestigious private school. Amanda taught elementary school Reading, and I taught Math in the junior high grades. Amanda and I met in college and married soon after we graduated and we were both virgins on our wedding night. She was smart and pretty and demurely affectionate. If there was anything less than perfect about her, it was the fact that she kept a very tight rein on her emotions. Serious, insecure, and uptight, Amanda even dressed very conservatively, and it was only for those too-brief moments when her hair was out of the bun and she was naked, that I could appreciate the true beauty that she was. Her insecurities even affected her professional life because other teachers were promoted around her as she remained docile and submissive to the administration. One weekend, I found out that Amanda's bottled-up emotions took a toll on her, and when the dam finally broke, it had shocking results.

Teaching junior high, I was familiar with teens going through their rebellious stage. It was a fact of life for me, and I did everything I could to make the teenager's angst as painless as possible, while still teaching my subject. Also, teaching at a good, and very expensive, private school, meant cooperating with the parents as much as possible. One troubled teen was a beautiful girl named Elizabeth. Elizabeth was 15 and in the midst of a powerful revolt against her very wealthy parents. Big contributors to the school, her parents asked for and received cooperation from everyone on the staff. Looking back on that Spring, I realized that I made a mistake by getting too involved with Elizabeth and her family. Part of the phase Elizabeth was going through was in selecting "wild" boyfriends. Her latest was a biker, years older than her, and someone we all assumed (correctly) was heavily into drugs and a lot of other unsavory things. Just before final exams in the Spring, Elizabeth ran away from home. For whatever reason, she showed up at our door several days later, hungry and broke, and spent several nights with Amanda and me. We helped her get through exams and finally talked her into returning home. About a week after Elizabeth left, I got a call from her boyfriend. He made it clear that if he ever heard of me touching her again that he would kill me. He further threatened to get even somehow for what I had done with his "old lady." In a near panic, I tried to assure him that nothing had happened between Elizabeth and me and that my wife had been with us the entire time. I don't think he listened to me at all. Several weeks passed. School let out for the Summer and Amanda and I prepared for our vacation. We planned a long weekend away over the Fourth of July and couldn't wait to leave as soon as Amanda's summer school class dismissed at noon on Friday. I had the car packed and ready to go when she pulled into the driveway. We had a light lunch and piled into the car to hit the road. I had driven perhaps a mile when I suddenly felt the cold steel of a gun barrel being pressed against my neck. A guy who looked very much like a large, nasty biker was in the back seat of the car and was very serious about what he would do to us if I didn't do exactly as he ordered. He told me to drive and, following his instructions, we drove for almost an hour, far out into the country. We turned off the road and into a rutted trail and our kidnapper told us to stop next to a van parked there and to get out. Another, even larger biker climbed out of the van, pointing a sawed-off shotgun at us. The first guy put our hands behind our backs and handcuffed us. Then he put silver duct tape on our mouths and blindfolded our eyes with black cloth. They pushed us into the van and tied our feet to the sides and then drove, for what seemed like hours, before stopping the car and pulling us out. When they removed the blindfolds, all I could tell was that we were in a huge garage of some kind. It was obviously used to repair automobiles and motorcycles, as there were several of each sitting around in the process of being worked on. The first biker shoved us down on an old schoolbus bench in the corner, leaving us handcuffed. He further secured us by running a long chain through our arms and padlocking it to the heavy workbench behind the bus seat. Amanda and I were both terrified, neither of us knowing exactly what to expect. I assumed that the bikers were friends of Elizabeth's boyfriend and I was very sorry I didn't call the police after his threatening phonecall. For all I knew, the idiot would kill us both. When the two bikers returned, they were accompanied by what appeared to be the members of some kind of motorcycle gang. There were about a dozen people. All dressed in typical biker gear, the men's ages ran from the mid-20's, up into the late 40's or even 50's. Two of the girls looked very young, maybe 15 to 17, and the other two were into their 40's. The first biker walked over to us and introduced himself as "Bronk." My worst fear came true as he told us he was, indeed, Elizabeth's "old man." He was quite proud of his kidnapping and explained to the others that he was going to make me wish I had never fucked his "Lizzie." "What's the slut's name?" Bronk asked another biker, rifling Amanda's purse. "Her name is Amanda." It was Elizabeth - Lizzie. She was walking into the garage, dressed like the rest of the group in dirty jeans and a denim sleeveless jacket. Bronk put his arm around Lizzie's waist and glared down at me, "Hell man, I told you you would be hearing from me. I wasn't about to forget that you fucked my old lady." (He ignored me as I was frantically shaking my head!) "I'm not sure yet what I'll do with you, yet, but one thing's for sure - I'm going to have a crack or two at your little slut, here, before I turn her loose." With a smile, he raised his heavy boot and kicked me in the shoulder. I saw stars. He unlocked the chain and grabbed Amanda. His friend wrapped the chain around my chest and the workbench leg a few times and re-locked the padlock. Bronk pulled Amanda to the center of the garage's open floor, holding her in front of his friends. She tried to pull out of his grasp, but he slapped her across the face and she stood still. "This is a slut cunt, and what do we do with a slut cunt?" he asked, loudly. "Fuck it!" shouted one of the men. "Any damn thing we want," said one particularly large, bearded man who looked strong enough to live up to his words. He was older than the rest of the other men and had "OTTO" tattooed on his bare arm. Bronk began to strip Amanda of her clothes, but stopped when given a better idea by one of the women. "Make her strip for us!" an older, fat bitch shouted. "Hell, yeah...take 'em off, little whore. Show us your naked slut body," ordered Bronk as he moved away from Amanda, leaving her standing in the center of the floor, trembling from fear. Amanda did as they ordered, slowly removing her white summer suit, blouse, full slip, bra, pantyhose and panties, and letting down her long, brown hair until she was standing there, stark naked in front of the whole group. Her fear and submissive nature were such a part of her that she made no effort to cover her breasts or her pussy, but simply stood before them and listened with embarrassment as they commented on her naked body. Not surprisingly, it met with the men's approval. At thirty-three, Amanda had a terrific body. She was 5'7" and weighed about 120 pounds. I knew her bra size was 36-C and I guessed her other measurements at about a 25-inch waist and 36-inch hips. Her legs were long and very shapely, and her big, round breasts had only just begun to sag - and on her, it looked sexy. "Whooo-eee! Look at those titties!" "Who'd a guessed a bod like that was hidin' under all them clothes?" One of the bikers pushed the big woman who had yelled for Amanda to strip, out in front of him and pulled open her blouse, showing Amanda her tits. They were mammoth and sagged almost to her navel. "These are tits, bitch...those little nubs of yours ain't even big enough to see!" he taunted, bringing a hearty laugh from the others. He pushed his woman up to Amanda and took Amanda's hands and placed them on the woman's breasts as he continued to taunt her. "Feel these tits, slut. See how her nipples get hard and long? She loves pussy just as much as the guys here do, and so do the rest of the women. You like pussy? You better...cause you're gonna be staring at a lot of it while you're here!" "Enough of this bullshit talk! I want to fuck the bitch!" hissed Bronk, pulling Amanda away from the now excited, half-naked woman and pushing her over to an old sedan which was parked near the center of the garage. He shoved her up against it and bent her over the hood so that her ass was exposed and pushed out toward him. Reaching down to a drain pan nearby he covered his hand with automobile oil and spread it over my wife's ass, being sure to get plenty on her asshole. Then roughly, and with no compassion at all, he took his hard cock from his pants and shoved it up Amanda's ass and began fucking her hard against the cold steel fender of the old car. We all could hear Amanda scream through the duct tape on her mouth. I felt my stomach flip and wanted to throw up, but I fought it down, afraid I'd kill myself getting sick while gagged. In a very short time, Bronk shot his load up Amanda's ass and another biker immediately took his place, smearing more oil on her naked tits and stomach, before shooting his load of cum into my sweet wife. I watched as they took turns with Amanda, fucking her up the ass or in her cunt, whichever they chose, over and over again. She cried and whimpered into the tape, but she never gave them any resistance, realizing, I'm sure, that it was fruitless to do so. But, to my sheer and utter amazement, after about four of the bikers had shot their loads into her, she began to become excited and was actually grinding her ass back on the thick dicks that pushed themselves into her holes. I couldn't believe what I was seeing! The women watched it all, cheering their men on as they pounded their cocks into the submissive and oil-covered slut. When the men had all spent themselves, some of them having fucked Amanda three times, the women took over and pushed Amanda into the back seat of the old car, ripped the tape off her mouth, and took their turns with her. They rubbed their naked tits over her oily skin and pressed their pussies into her mouth until they came loudly and moved away for the next woman to have her turn. As they were waiting their turn with Amanda, they joked about her technique. "She loves it! It was her first pussy and what she lacked in style, she made up for in enthusiasm. There's no doubt that she likes it." "Damn right she does! She had her tongue so deep up my snatch that I thought it was going to come out my throat!" leered another woman. When they were all done, the group drifted away to somewhere out of sight and earshot, leaving just Bronk and Lizzie in the garage with us. Bronk pulled Amanda out of the backseat and tied her arms to the door of the car. Then he took a black leather case out of his jacket pocket, removed a hypodermic needle and injected something into Amanda's arm. Before he walked away he instructed Lizzie to clean the oil off of her body. Lizzie had taken her turn with Amanda, too, and there was no doubt in my mind that she had enjoyed it. She was gentle in washing the oil from Amanda's naked body, and I could tell that Amanda was even now responding to the touch of the pretty, fifteen-year-old's hands on her body. When Bronk came back to our part of the garage, he found Lizzie kissing Amanda deeply on the mouth and laughed at the sight. "You like the little whore, do you Lizzie? Good, we'll keep her around for a while, then. Here, give her some of this," he sneered, handing Lizzie a half full vodka bottle. Lizzie held the bottle to Amanda's lips and when Amanda balked at drinking from it, Bronk grabbed a fistful of her hair and held her head while Lizzie poured it into her mouth. She gagged on the first mouthful, but soon they established a rhythm, feeding her just enough at a time to keep her from gagging. At first I thought they were going to pour the rest of the bottle into her, but they stopped short by a couple of mouthfuls, sharing those between themselves. Still, I knew that they had given her enough to make her very drunk, if not sick. I hoped she could hold it. It didn't take long for the effect of the vodka and whatever drug he used on her to set in, and when it did, even in my situation, I had to chuckle at Amanda. She seemed to lose any fear of her situation and began giggling and talking about how much she loved to fuck. Bronk and Lizzie loved the effect the 100-proof drink and the drug were having on her, and he sent Lizzie to get the others to see the little slut in her drunk condition. She was babbling away when Lizzie returned with several of the others. "Shit...I like...I like to fuck! Michael...tha's my husband, over there, he doesn't think I like it so much...but I LOVE IT! My hole doesn't hole doesn't like...sometimes, my hole doesn't like to be fuckin' empty! No sir!" She stammered drunkenly. Her observers smiled broadly at the lewd comments coming from her mouth and a very attractive and slim girl named Denise, who I guessed to be about 16 walked up to Amanda and began to finger her pussy as she stood there naked, tied to the car door. "Yeah! Do it to me! I wish you could shove your whole hand in me, I don't care!" I'd never seen Amanda like this, and, in addition to it being amusing, it was also pretty exciting. She had never talked lewdly before, but in this drunken/drugged state she was being especially nasty. She was saying words I wasn't sure she had even heard before. Soon, there was another woman, older, playing with Amanda's tits and kissing her deeply on the mouth, temporarily shutting off the flow of dirty words that poured from her. A couple of others were now kneeling in front of Amanda, looking to see just how many fingers Denise was plunging into Amanda's hole. They encouraged Denise to keep adding fingers, and in between kisses from the big breasted woman, who couldn't seem to keep her tongue out of Amanda's mouth, Amanda encouraged her as well, daring her to fill her hole up with more and more of her hand. I couldn't see well enough from my position on the bus seat to tell how close Denise was to putting it all in, but when she did get her whole hand in it was certainly not hard to tell. "It's in!" shouted one of the men. "She got the whole fuckin' thing in there! Look at her wrist sticking out of the slut's cunt like a stallion's dick!" Amanda was lost in drugged passion, hunching her hips downward as hard as possible on the arm that was being shoved up into her body and moaning hotly at the sensations in her cunt. The young girl continued to plunge her fist in and out of Amanda's dripping hole, twisting and turning her arm from time to time as if testing to see just what she could do in Amanda's pussy. One of the men, kneeling in front, watching, took the girl's arm in his hand and began to help her fuck Amanda by pushing her arm upward and pulling it back, just as if it were a big dildo he was using. By now, there was quite a crowd, and several of the men were now sitting around on the floor with their cocks out, stroking them as they watched Amanda being fisted. They didn't go un-noticed by the "new" Amanda, and she blurted out her appreciation. "Look at all the cocks!" she moaned, drunkenly. "Damn, I love a good hard cock!" Bronk untied the ropes holding Amanda to the car door, and pushing the other women away from the babbling Amanda, pushed her to her knees on the floor. "You want some hard cock, little slut? Crawl over here and get you some. The boy's will be glad to feed you!" The teenager who had been fisting Amanda was watching with passion still in her eyes and began stripping off her clothes and pretty soon Lizzie was helping her. In the meantime, Amanda had begun to crawl across the rough and dirty concrete floor toward the men who were now urging her on with taunting comments. "Come and get it slut!" "Here little little pussy." "Hurry up bitch, I need your fuckin mouth!" In her drunken state, Amanda made her wobbly way across the floor, and she was soon gobbling on one of the men's big dicks as if she had been starving for cum all day long. In almost no time, he was shooting his load into her mouth and was pushing her head over to the man next to him, who then shoved his meat into her mouth. This continued until she finished sucking off the fourth man in their little circle and then she passed out, falling onto her back on the floor. There were still men who had not shot their cum into her mouth, however, and they simply knelt over her still body and pushed their cocks into her mouth until they had emptied their balls. She was out for an hour or so, and while she was unconscious they entertained themselves by pissing on her body, both the men and the women. Several of the men stood over her at one time and poured their yellow streams of piss all over her nakedness at once. The women squatted over her one at a time and poured most of their waste onto her face and hair. When they were done, Bronk handcuffed her left ankle to a nearby post and left her there, lying in a pool of piss in the floor. When she came to, Amanda tried her best to crawl out of the stench in which she found herself, but was unable to drag her naked body more than a few feet in any direction, because of the handcuff on her ankle. I felt for her, and wanted more than anything in the world to be able leave and to clean her up and get her off the cold floor, but there was nothing I could do. Unable to leave the seat I was chained to, I was sitting in my own mess. Exhausted by the rough treatment, the drugs and the booze, Amanda soon fell asleep there in the floor, and before long, I, too, found myself drifting off. I awoke several times during the night to find a man or two had returned to the garage to have another crack at Amanda, fucking her mouth or ass or cunt, as my wife enthusiastically urged them on. Some time close to dawn, I was aware of Lizzie bending over Amanda and gently washing her body. At least one of them had some decency.

I know what I was hoping and praying would happen on Saturday, but I was sadly disappointed. No one came in to release us and send us home. We weren't rescued. The nightmare continued. The bikers had a new "slut" to use, now, and they had no intentions of letting her go before the weekend was up. Besides, the whole scene was made even better by letting the slut's old man watch the whole thing. When I awoke the next day, it was to the roar of motorcycle engines. The sun was well up in the sky and the garage was already hot, filling my nose with its pungent odors of oil, sweat, booze, urine and sex. Lizzie, or someone, had covered Amanda with a blanket and I was relieved to see that. I had slept fitfully, with all the comings and goings during the night, in addition to the awkwardness of being chained in a sitting position on the old bus seat. Bronk was the first to enter the garage after I awakened. He was his friendly, cheerful self. "Well, you fuckin' bastard, did you like the way we used your old lady-whore last night? I hope so, you turdfaced shit, cause you ain't seen nothin', yet. Oh, and by the way, the rest of the gang is here, today, and we're all set for a 3-day party! We're gonna let you stay and watch, but if my ole-lady gets involved, you keep your fuckin eyes off of her, you understand?" He kicked my left leg with the toe of his boot as he asked the question, causing me to grimace with the pain that ran through my body. When he had finished greeting me, Bronk moved over to Amanda and woke her by stripping the blanket from her and crawling between her legs and fucking her. When he finished, he unlocked her ankle from the post. He pulled her up to a standing position and handed her a tiny, sequined G-string and a pair of extremely high high-heels that also were covered with the shiny dots, which he told her to put on. While she was putting on the shoes, Lizzie walked in with a glass and a couple of pills, which she made Amanda swallow. I had no idea what they were giving her, but I knew for sure I wouldn't want either of them giving me any of their pills. Bronk opened a closet in the wall and began setting up a camcorder on a tripod, and several bright lights, also on tripods. When Amanda was clad in the skimpy outfit they had chosen for her they pushed her to her knees in the middle of the floor. No sooner had she knelt, than the others walked in, rubbing the sleep from their eyes. Now, it looked like there were more than three dozen bikers. Most of them were clad in the same biker clothes, but more than a few of the women were wearing only panties, their naked breasts swaying as they walked down the short flight of steps into the garage. They sat on the floor around Amanda or pulled up milk crates, as if they were ready for a show of some kind. Apparently, that was exactly what they were there for, and exactly what Bronk had promised them. He walked to the center of the room, and pulling Amanda's head up by her hair, spoke to the group. "Our little whore was a good fuck last night, wasn't she, gang?" The group that had been here the day before cheered their pleasure with Amanda's performance of the previous evening. "Today, we're gonna make a movie, and the little whore's gonna show us how she can dance." Looking down at Amanda, he spit out his instructions to her. "You will dance for us, you little pile of shit, and you'll dance as dirty as the cheapest slut-dancer in the cheapest understand?" Amanda nodded. "I want you to wiggle that sexy, little cock-loving ass of yours, and show us every little part of your slut body. Crawl on the floor when you dance, walk around and strut your naked whore body. Make cocks hard and pussies wet. If you do, we'll all fuck you. If you don't, we'll all fuck you, too, but maybe not as nice. So, believe me, you want to dance just as good as you possibly can. Take my word for it." Bronk moved over to the newest of the cars in the garage and turned on the cassette player inside it, turning the volume up so that it could be heard throughout the garage. Then he put his eye to the viewer of the camcorder and yelled to Amanda, "Ok, bitch, do your thing!" Amanda began to move her body to the beat. The pills they had given her must have been taking effect, and she was feeling more in the mood for showing off than she ever had in her life. She swayed sexily to the music, her large, lovely breasts waving in front of the staring men and women as she moved. She spread her legs open on the floor and bent backward, hunching her hips up into the air, as if she were fucking a man's dick. The sequined G-string was pulled tight against her crotch, and as she continued to dance her lips became more and more obvious through the shiny fabric, as they swelled from her growing excitement. I watched in amazement. My conservative, uptight wife was now dancing as lewdly as imaginable for a motorcycle gang! Despite being bound and hungry and scared, I felt my cock harden in my pants. As her back bent further and further backward, Amanda began to move her legs out from under her ass and, soon, she was swinging them up in the air, splayed wide open, her cunt and ass covered only by the thin strips of fabric between her legs. She reached forward with her right hand and patted her cunt gently and lewdly, eliciting cries of pleasure from her audience. Her legs bent further backward until her knees were nearly beside her head, her ass sticking up lewdly into the air as if she were inviting the men to stick their big dicks into her open and hungry slit. Smoothly and gracefully, she rolled over onto one side and then onto her belly, raising her ass in the air as she did so. Her legs opened wider and her hips began to move in circles, the fabric of the tiny G-string being pulled up into her cunt as she wiggled. Cocks were now being pulled out into the air and covered either with the hands or the mouths of the sluts sitting next to them. I was surprised at the professionalism of Amanda's dancing. I didn't know she could move as she was moving, but I loved watching her. I would love to live to see her do that again, I hoped. She was a natural. In the middle of her performance, Amanda suddenly stopped and stayed in one position on the floor, her legs open wide and her ass sticking high up into the air. Then, I saw her reaching back between her legs and pulling the G-string to the side. With it out of the way, she began to insert her own fingers into her cunt and began fingering herself to the delight of those watching. The more she fingered, the more her hips bucked up and down in that age-old fucking movement. And soon she was coming in front of everyone, shamelessly fucking herself with her own fingers. Lizzie walked up to her and handed her a dildo, which Amanda gladly took and began working up into her wet fuckhole. She was either extremely hot, or the pills that Lizzie had given her were really having some effect on her. She fucked herself shamelessly with the long, thick fake cock, seeming to love the attention and the dirty and nasty lewd comments that filled the room. One of the women who had come into the garage clad only in a small pair of panties was sucking on a bottle of wine, and when she had emptied it, she moved behind Amanda and pulled the dildo from her cunt. In its place, she put the head of the wine bottle, working it into her cunt slowly, inserting more of it as Amanda's hips began to move, indicating her acceptance and enjoyment of the bottle in her cunt. Pretty soon, Amanda was really fucking it, in and out of her pretty, little slit with much enthusiasm. The woman worked the wine bottle deeper and deeper into Amanda, stretching her fuckhole wider and wider as she fed more and more of the tapered neck into her. She appeared to have at least half of the wine bottle inside her when, suddenly, a strong orgasm overtook her and she reached back between her beautiful legs and grabbed the wine bottle herself, humping it wildly and pumping it into herself amid loud moans and gasps of pleasure. When her orgasm was over, Amanda fell to the floor on her belly, and Lizzie moved to her side and helped her to a sitting position. She had another glass of wine and more pills, and Amanda took them submissively. Encouraged by Bronk to continue dancing, "or else," Amanda resumed her dance, standing and moving around the circle of people, wiggling her ass and cunt and tits in the faces of those who admired her so openly. Occasionally, someone would reach out and caress her body, and Amanda would always stop in front of them when they did, throwing her head back and loving the feeling of their hands or teeth or tongues on her body. Suddenly, the music stopped, and Bronk announced, "Fun time for the little slut!" Bronk stripped the soaking wet G-string from her trembling bottom and tied Amanda to an old car seat that he had pulled over from one side of the garage. Her arms were tied tightly to the springs on the sides and her legs were tied open to allow anyone easy access to her holes. I felt sure that I was going to witness another gang bang, only, today, with three times as many men present. I was truly worried about Amanda's survival, but was helpless to do anything but watch. Knowing that the men had found her dance exciting and would be eager to pound their meat into her cunt, Bronk had re-arranged the lights and camera. Amanda began to moan softly. Lizzie walked up to Amanda, just as Bronk had completed his task of tying her securely, and gave Amanda a shot from a hypodermic needle. Amanda was already so hot she couldn't think straight, but somehow they weren't satisfied with her current level of sluttishness, and obviously expected this new shot to make her even more insatiable. I didn't even know such drugs existed, but I was watching their result. I don't know what was in the shots that they gave Amanda, but whatever it was made her a constantly hungry slut. Only moments after they had administered the shot, she began to beg for something to fill her, and the men began to lay on her and pump their dicks into her pussy, spilling their hot white cum into her hole, again. Today, rather than simply taking turns, the men shared her trembling body, some of them sitting on her face and ordering her stick to her tongue deep into their assholes or some of them filling her mouth with thick hard cocks, while others plowed into her cunt. Amanda was never a passive participant. Whenever one of the men would withdraw his spent cock from her mouth, the begging would begin all over again until another dick had replaced it. She began begging to be untied so that she could use her hands to please her lovers as well, and smiling at her hot words and desire to please, Bronk untied her hands and allowed her her wish. As soon as her hands were free, my cum-filled wife began to use them to caress the men who roughly plunged their dicks in and out of her body. She caressed their balls, played with their asses, and for a long period of time had a cock in each hand, jerking them while she was taking the dicks from other men in her holes. Eventually, Bronk decided her legs didn't need to be tied either, and freed them from their bonds. Once they were free, the men began to hold her ankles up in the air, spreading her legs open widely as they fucked her. They bent them back toward her head, exposing her asshole and began filling it as well as her cunt as they continued to fuck her over and over again. "Yes, my ASS!" Amanda cried out. "Fuck me in my ASS! Oh, fuck me! Fuck my whole body! More, more, more!" she yelled. Using her mouth and hands as regenerating tools, the horny men continued to fuck Amanda until they had worn themselves completely out. They had not even come close to wearing Amanda out, and when they had tired of their new plaything, she was still lying there on the old car seat rubbing her clit and moaning and begging for more cock in her holes. As I looked at her lying there, I could see cum still streaming from her ass and cunt and puddling on the seat until it ran down the sides and began to puddle on the dirty concrete garage floor. Lizzie then appeared and gave Amanda yet another shot. This time it was evidently one to calm her down, because moments after the shot had been administered, Amanda grew quiet and was soon sleeping, still lying spreadeagled on the old car seat, completely naked, the cum still leaking from her holes. Soon, the room was empty once again, except for Amanda and me. I wondered just how long they would continue to use Amanda and what would happen when they finally tired of us. I was sore from being tied in the same position for so long and needed desperately to be freed from my bonds. I was hungry and dehydrated. The constant exposure to Amanda's extreme treatment had been extremely painful for me. Yet, on several occasions, I had ejaculated with no physical stimulation at all and my pants were soaked from my own cum, as well as piss. Exhausted, I still couldn't sleep.

Amanda awoke sooner than they expected her to, because we were still alone. When she opened her eyes and stared at me, I realized that she could now untie me and we had a chance to escape. Unfortunately, the drugs they had given her had not worn off yet, and she was still unable to think about anything except cocks and cunts. Also, my mouth was still taped and Amanda looked like she needed more help than I could give her to rejoin the land of the living. Amanda looked at me through glazed eyes as she sat up and spread her legs open in front of me began to rub her clit once again. "I need a cock, Michael! God, I need a cock so bad!" When she began crawling to me, I thought perhaps our plight had finally gotten through to her; but, instead of unlocking me, she began unzipping my pants and taking my cock from them. Her mouth immediately covered my dick and she began sucking on me earnestly, completely oblivious to anything else. She craved it more than any addict craves his fix and there was nothing I could do to make her stop and get me free. The feel of her velvet mouth on my organ was making me forget our opportunity to escape, too, and I resigned myself to the fact of her drug induced hunger and simply let my body take over. Amanda's right hand was between her legs, rubbing her stiffening clit as her head bobbed up and down in my lap. She ate my dick as if she were starving for it, and it was a marvelous feeling. I grew hard quickly and felt that I might spill my cum into her at any moment as her mouth continued to work up and down my shaft. Amanda's obviously hungry pussy was not to be denied, however, and she stopped sucking on my cock, stood up and, turning around, lowered her hot ass down into my lap, impaling herself on my rigid member. She began to grind her hips hotly against me, taking every inch of my throbbing cock deep in her cunt. I could feel the walls of her cunt squeezing my dick, milking it, pulling it, making it feel everything it was capable of feeling. She was quite a fuck - probably the best fuck I had ever had. Some of it was due to my inability to move, I'm sure. And some of it was due to the constant performance over the last 30-some hours. But, above all, my wife was also fucking me as she had never fucked me before, and there was a hunger and desperation to her pumping and grinding hips that I had never experienced before. I came violently inside her. She seemed completely unaware that I was cumming and continued working her ass as if she might go on this way forever. My hips strained upward against the chain that held me down as the hot cum poured from my balls and out the end of my shaft. When I finally began to come down from my orgasm and felt my cock begin to soften somewhat, I expected her to stop, but she continued fucking me, as if she would not allow my member to wither and die within her. Amazingly, she was successful. Before I could soften so much that she could no longer fuck me, her massaging cunt walls had milked me back to hardness again and I felt myself growing rigid inside her once more. She was swinging her head back and forth now, her hands on her knees, writhing in passion as she ground her cunt up and down on my cock. Her grunts and moans were those of a woman lost in an orgasm, and I wondered if she were climaxing continuously in her drug induced state. I also wondered if she had any idea who she was fucking, or if she even remotely cared. I didn't think so. The door opened to the garage and Lizzie walked in, clad only in a pair of tiny black bikini panties. She seemed surprised to see Amanda free of her bonds and a bit amused to see her fucking away at me. "How sweet. Mister and Missus Teacher, fooling around a little. How do you like what our special little brew of `Ecstasy' does for your wife? When I was 14 and joined the club, they pumped that stuff into me for days and I think I fucked every biker in the state! And, it still wasn't enough!" When she walked close enough to Amanda, Amanda reached out for her body and pulled it to her as she continued grinding her hips into my lap. Her mouth covered Lizzie's left tit as she sucked the pretty young girl's nipple into her mouth and played with it with her tongue. Her right hand flew to her crotch and shoved her panties up inside, roughly, as she quickly inserted two fingers into her hole. Lizzie giggled, but quickly responded to Amanda's attentions and held my wife's head in her hands, pulling her mouth tighter to her chest as she let her hips move in circles in response to Amanda's fingers which were stretching and twisting inside her fuckhole. Occasionally, Amanda would remove her mouth from Lizzie's breast and slide her wet fingers from her hole and place them in her mouth, hungrily sucking on the juice that covered them, then she would plunge them back into Lizzie's cunt and begin sucking on the other breast. "You've had enough of that cock, you dirty old whore you!" yelled Lizzie, and she pulled Amanda off of me roughly and pushed her to the floor in front of me. Taking an oil filler spout from the workbench behind me, Lizzie tossed it to Amanda. "Go fuck yourself with that, you crazy bitch, if you still need fucking. I want some cock for myself!" She stripped the tiny panties from her bottom and sat in my lap, working my cock up into herself as she lowered her body onto mine. I almost collapsed in terror at the thought of Bronk walking back in and seeing us like this! Off in her own world, Amanda still needed fucking, and she took the oil filler spout and began inserting it into her cunt, lying in front of Lizzie with her legs open wide. She now enjoyed masturbating while others watched, and she was still so hot that she would fuck anything or anyone, especially as long as Lizzie was staring at her so lewdly. It made Lizzie especially hot to watch my pretty wife fucking herself in front of her, and she fucked herself wildly on my dick as she watched her. Her hands were at her breasts playing and pulling at her nipples as her cunt grew wetter and wetter and fuller and fuller of dick. Some of the others came wandering in as Lizzie continued to fuck me, and began to stand around Amanda, laughing and cheering her on as she worked the metal oil spout in and out of her cunt, her eyes glued on the now trembling girl who fucked up and down in my lap. The oil spout grew thicker and wider as you looked at it from the end, and Amanda now had the total length of the spout inserted in her hole and was lewdly grinding her hips up against it as she held it tightly in both hands. "She's fucking a goddamn oil spout!" one of the women laughed. "Look at the hot little slut go!" another yelled. They were beginning to rub their own pussies and the men were beginning to take their cocks out of their pants as they watched the pretty brunette working on her cunt with the fake cock. "Hell, she'll fuck anything! Give her a hammer!" yelled out one of the men. Another man took a hammer from the workbench behind him and tearing the oil spout from Amanda's tight grip, replaced it with the big hammer. She quickly shoved the handle of the big ball peen hammer up into her cunt and continued fucking herself wildly in front of the cheering crowd. Before long, she had most of the hammer handle inserted in her hole and was grinding her hips crazily as she performed for her audience. One of the men knelt by Amanda's head and began jerking off, his cock just inches from her mouth. Amanda tried valiantly to raise her head and take the head of his member into her mouth, but he teased her, pulling it away as his hand continued stroking it wildly. Suddenly he tensed and began shooting huge white gobs of cum into her face and hair. Another man knelt on the other side of her and began imitating the first, pumping away at his cock and soon spraying her face with his own load of hot white cum. When they were done, every man in the room had shot a load of hot fuck juice into Amanda's face and they had replaced the hammer in her cunt with practically every tool in the garage as they watched her plunge them all hotly into her holes, fucking herself with anything they would allow her to use. When Amanda finally grew too weak to continue fucking herself, she passed out and yet they continued plunging things into her cunt and rubbed their wet pussies onto her face, masturbating against it until they had cum and then making room for the next. When I shot my second load of cum, this time into Lizzie's cunt, I fell back weakly against the old bus seat. Lizzie was still hot and took the men who had shot their cum into Amanda's face to the center of the big room and let them all fuck her in the ass and cunt and mouth. Soon, the garage was filled with people drinking and smoking and fucking and sucking. As I watched, Lizzie must have been gang-banged by no less than 20 men, and was still going strong before I grew too tired to watch. Finally, we were left alone once more as the group tired and the party wound down, around dawn and they wandered off to who knew where. Before she left, Lizzie gave Amanda yet another shot and gave me one as well. The shot left me nearly senseless and the only thing I remember happening prior to my passing out was watching an extremely large black man with an equally large cock screw a very willing Amanda in all her holes before pissing on her face and leaving her lying in the concrete floor. Bronk was filming it all. I lost all sense of time as I drifted in and out of consciousness. I did know that Amanda was no longer in the garage with me, and I think I spent the rest of the time alone. I don't remember if I was fed or given anything to drink, or even if I was doped up again.

The next time I awoke, I found myself in the front seat of our car with Amanda beside me. The car clock said it was just after 3a.m., but I had no idea what day. We were both naked and the car was parked on a dirt road. Amanda was still unconscious, but I saw that there was something on her left breast. When I focused and looked, I saw that it was a new and very sore looking tatoo. Beautifully scripted in red and blue and yellow were the words "Prime Slut." As I dressed Amanda in the filthy rags and denim jacket they had left in the car, I saw the second tatoo. It was on the left cheek of my wife's ass and in block letters said "this ass well fucked by the RAMROD M.C." I looked around quickly to see if we were alone and when I realized we were now free I started the car and drove us home, quickly. At home, I managed to help Amanda into the bedroom, and I collapsed beside her on the bed. Thirst and hunger awakened me, but Amanda slept on. When she finally did awaken, she cried for hours. She remembered a lot, and I filled in what I could. She said that after I was drugged, they reduced her dose and she remembered becoming the "property" of the club president for the rest of the time. They had held us captive from Friday afternoon until Thursday morning. Amanda was sore all over, but healed quickly. We talked about it and about trying to forget about it, but I knew I could never forget. We knew where the garage was, but agreed that we couldn't go to the police because of the video Bronk shot of Amanda. It would ruin our careers at the school, where guilt or innocence wasn't the issue, but the image of propriety was. We had great difficulty talking, when we were together. Vacation was tense and we didn't enjoy it at all. We tried to resume our daily routines, but Amanda was tense and restless and irritable. Maybe I was, too. I found that Bourbon relaxed me. Finally, in the Fall, Amanda stayed home from school one day and she was gone when I got home. The following weekend, she showed up sitting behind Otto, on the back of a Harley, dressed like a real biker slut. She quickly packed a small bag, got back on the bike, wrapped her arms around the huge, filthy biker and that was the last I ever saw or heard of her.

And, what of Lizzie? Well, soon after the weekend they kidnapped us, she moved back with her Mommy and Daddy, cleaned herself up, became `Elizabeth,' again, went to an Ivy league college and married a Med student. She wore white at a big church wedding last Saturday. I was invited and went to the church, just to see it with my own two eyes. She was beautiful and looked like she had never had a sexy thought in her life.

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