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My Professor

I'm a junior in college. I just turned 21, and I'm blonde and five feet six inches tall. I'm quite pretty, and I have a tight, round bottom, nicely proportioned legs, and my breasts are firm and ample for my body -- not oversized. I am very good at flirting, and needless to say, I have no trouble attracting men.

Most of these men expect that someone who looks and acts the way I do must be a "dumb blonde", but they're usually surprised to find out that I have a straight "A" average and that I'm smarter than they are. I find most of them silly and amusing.

I haven't had much trouble getting my good grades, and my instructors have almost all liked me, so I was distressed last semester with Dr. Sanders, my English professor, a man of about 35 or so. For some reason, he took an intense dislike to me, and although I could tell I was doing better than anyone in the class, he wouldn't give me anything higher than a B on my first two papers.

I'm going for a 4.0 average, and I sure as hell wasn't going to let this one man spoil it for me. So after my second paper, I decided to have a talk with him, to see if there was something I could do to improve my grade. I went up to him after class and asked him if I could meet him for a conference. He stiffly and formally agreed, and he suggested that we have our meeting at his home. Our school is small, and this sort of thing is quite common, so I agreed to meet him after dinner that night.

I've had invitations like this from some of my other professors, and most of them seemed to lead to the guy making some sort of pass at me. But since this professor seemed to dislike me so much, I kind of doubted that this was on his agenda. Nonetheless, I always try to be prepared for any contingency, and I made sure to dress in a sexy manner. I figured it wouldn't hurt my cause, and it probably would help. I wore a pair of shorts, a light, cotton sweater, and a pair of high-heeled shoes. I knew I'd catch his attention -- the shorts were the skimpiest pair I owned and I wasn't wearing a bra.

I showed up at the appointed time that evening. He showed me in without the slightest hint of kindness. His house was clean but a bit dissheveled, and it had the look of a bachelor pad, which wasn't surprising, since it was well known around campus that he lived alone.

He led me to a room he called his "study". It was a converted family room with a desk, a few comfortable chairs, and shelf upon shelf of books.

He sat down behind his desk, and he indicated a chair off to the side of it. I sat down, crossing my legs in a demure manner, although I was well aware that with my skimpy shorts, even a demure posture was quite revealing.

I discussed the papers I had written, and he replied to me in an annoyed, perfunctory manner that my papers were fine. I asked him why, then, did he only give me B's. His disdainful answer was that a B is a perfectly good grade, and I shouldn't complain.

I then tried to engage him in a conversation about what he had lectured about in class that day. It actually _was_ a fascinating topic to me, so I didn't have to fake my interest too much. However, but he wasn't moved at all by my animated and excited manner. He just kept curtly responding, barely concealing his disdain for me.

I guess I'm spoiled, but my instructors tend to like me and to reward my good schoolwork with good grades. I'm also spoiled by the consistently positive responses I get from men. So I was starting to get annoyed with this pain-in-the-ass professor, who was disappointing me on both counts.

So finally, I just confronted him point blank. "I don't understand," I said. "My papers are quite good by your own admission. I'm quite interested in the topics you discuss in your course, and I'm probably more knowledgeable about them than anyone else in the class. So what have I done to get you so down on me? What do you have against me?"

He was startled by my sudden frankness, but he quickly composed himself and gave me a long, hard stare. After an uncomfortable pause, he sighed and began to speak in a tense, disdainful manner. "Miss M-----," he began, "I must say that I have a very hard time believing that you don't know what it is that I'm so 'down on you' about, as you put it."

"But Dr. Sanders," I replied, more politely than he deserved, "I really haven't the slightest idea what I could have done to get you upset at me." Actually, this wasn't true, because, I was starting to get a inkling about what was bothering him.

He gave me an icy look and then responded in a forced, clipped manner. "Well, Miss M-----, if indeed you are so out of touch with yourself as to be so totally unaware of your faults, I suppose I have no choice but to enumerate them to you."

I just stared at him coldly, the bastard. If he were almost anybody else, I would have stormed out of there, telling him in no uncertain terms just where he could stick his enumerations. But this time I prudently kept my true feelings to myself -- I wanted my "A".

It must have become apparent to him that I wasn't going to say anything, and he finally started to speak again. "So Miss M-----," he said condescendingly, "where shall I begin? Should I start with your flippant, know-it-all attitude? Or perhaps your phony, apple-polishing manner in class would be a better topic to discuss."

I silently laughed to myself. He knew damn well that I wasn't an apple-polisher. There were at least 5 other students in his class who stood out that way. And despite my high opinion of myself, I know better than to flaunt my self esteem by acting the know-it-all. My general demeanor in class is calm and self-assured, and I usually speak politely and quietly, and more often than not in his class, only when I'm called on.

So I could tell that something other than what he saying was the real cause of his negative feelings towards me, and more and more, I was starting to see what it was -- and I began to see how to get what I wanted from him.

"Well, Dr. Sanders," I replied calmly. "I must say that I'm very surprised that you could have gotten that impression of me. I really don't think I'm as much of a know-it-all or a sycophant as several other students in your class, and I'm sure you know who they are. So I can only imagine that there's something else about me that must have upset you ..." I gave him a hard look and then continued, "... and I think it's about time you told me."

I knew my arrogant, no-nonsense attitude would get him angry. Professors aren't accustomed to students who stand up to them -- especially this guy. And furthermore, most students couldn't pull it off like I can.

His mouth fell open in shock and he turned bright red -- and then his anger boiled up out of control, just as I had expected. "Oh you do, Miss M-----, do you?!" he sputtered with rage. "YOU think I should tell you?! Well ... well, I never ... I never met such a ... a ... disrespectful little ..." His voice trailed off, and he just cleared his throat nastily. I'm sure he wanted to call me a "bitch" or something, but he couldn't bring himself to do it.

I just smiled at him, cooly and calmly.

"Well, you want to know what I don't like about you? ... well I'll tell you, Miss M-----!" he sneered. "You young women are all the same -- every last one of you! You come to class dressed in ... in revealing clothes, and all you do is sit around and ... and entice all the men around you. Don't try to deny it, young lady, I'm on to you, I'm on to you, all right!"

This confirmed my suspicions about what was bothering him: I turned him on -- and he hated me for it.

I raised my eyebrows haughtily and started to act like I was going to protest, but he cut me off with a wave of his hand and went on. "You ... you young girls all pretend that you don't know what you're doing, but you can't fool me. You know damn well ... yes, damn well, young lady, how you distract and ... and entice the men around you, and how you just wrap them around your little finger. Look at you ... look at that ... that 'outfit' you're wearing, although I'm loath to dignify it with that term. It's more like ... like ... well, I don't know what to call it. But you come here in that ... that _thing_ and expect me not to notice ... not to be affected. Well, I'm on to you and your games, little lady. Yes I am, and you can't entice ME with your mock innocence and your ... your lewd costumes ..."

I had to laugh to myself. The fact that the man was expending so much energy to deny I had any affect on him sexually was only serving to confirm just the opposite. Now that I knew what was bothering him, I also knew how to get him to lighten up on me and give me the "A" I was looking for.

Now, some women might have tried the "sincerity" approach, attempting to reason with him and maybe even to apologize, and then to make an effort to dress and behave more modestly in his class in the future. I could tell that this wouldn't work with him. He'd lighten up on the criticism, but he'd still give me a "B".

His vehemence indicated that he is totally frustrated sexually, and probably still is a virgin. At the same time, he apparently harbors intense sexual desires for his more attractive students. Most likely he was brought up in a very strict, Puritannical home. Plus, I'm sure his shyness and his lack of social skills have turned off the women he has tried to pursue, and so he probably feels resentment towards all attractive women because of his past rejections.

So, I could see two possible ways to deal with him. One way would be to come on really strong and tell him that the only reason I dress so revealingly in his class is that I've been hoping ever since I first saw him that he'd make a pass at me. I could go on about how much his sensitivity excites me, and what a misunderstood genius he is, and all sorts of crap like that. Then, I'd say I now realize that I misjudged him, and that I never meant to hurt him. I would fall into his arms, "confessing" all my hidden love and desire for him.

I knew that would work, but then he'd fall madly in love with me, and I'd have to keep up the charade until after graduation -- more than two semesters away. Otherwise, since he's tenured and influential at the school, he could make things really difficult for me with some of my other professors. While I knew I was quite capable of this sort of subterfuge, the thought of keeping it up with him for more than a little while was just too distateful for me.

Fortunately, I knew of a better, less trying and much more enjoyable way to get him to willingly give me my "A".

All this went through my mind in just a few seconds as Dr. Sanders continued to fume and rave like a frustrated celibate.

I knew that if I wanted my plan to work, I had to put it into action immediately. I suddenly stood up and put my hands on my hips. "Dr. Sanders," I said, staring him in the eyes. He looked away, and I added firmly, "Look at me! Now!"

My sudden forcefulness took him by surprise and he stopped in mid-sentence, gaping at me.

"That's better," I continued. "Much better. Now Dr. Sanders," I added more calmly, "I think I know what's bothering you."

Another surge of anger went through him. "I would hope you know by now, little lady!" he spat. "For the last 5 minutes I've been telling you in no uncertain terms how ..."

"Shhhhh," I urged like a mother quieting her child. "You're just getting yourself worked up. Now Dr. Sanders, I hear what you've been saying. You've been talking all about flirty, insincere women and all the horrible things they do to men."

He shook his head angrily. "And I suppose you're going to try to convince me that you would never do such a thing," he said sarcastically.

"No, not at all," I said calmly. "I wouldn't think of trying to convince you of that."

"You ... you wouldn't?" he replied, my answer catching him completely off guard. No doubt he expected me to act innocent and to deny his accusations.

"Most assuredly not," I answered. Smiling confidently and looking him right in the eyes, I continued, "I love to flirt and to use my -- let's say 'feminine charms' on men. I'm not ashamed of that in the least -- and in fact, I'm quite proud of my abilities."

He was speechless. After a moment or two of gazing into his nervous, confused eyes, I added, "The only thing is, Dr. Sanders, I'm not being insincere. When I flirt, I don't fool around."

He looked even more confused. "Listen, Miss M-----, ... I'm not sure ... I don't know what you're driving at here, but if you think ..."

I cut him off before he could get himself worked up again. "What I'm driving at, Dr. Sanders ..." I said, pausing for dramatic emphasis as I slowly turned around and bent over, propping myself up by the arms of the chair behind me. Looking over my shoulder at him, I continued, "... is that I really think you'd like to get a look at my ass." As he gaped at me in disbelief, I took one hand and began to slowly massage my bottom through my shorts,

"Now ... now Miss M----- ... I ... would you please ... I mean ..."

He was totally flabbergasted.

"Come on, Dr. Sanders," I cooed in a sultry voice, "we both know how much I've been turning you on since the semester started. Don't fight it. Just let yourself feel how aroused you're getting."

"Now listen, Miss M----- ...," he said, struggling to keep the upper hand -- but failing.

I just acted as if he hadn't said a word. I reached my hand into my elastic waitband and began to play with my butt underneath my shorts. "I know you've been fantasizing about me. I can tell," I said. "What part of me do you think about when you masturbate, Dr. Sanders?"

I saw him look down with embarrassment for a second or two, which told me that my educated guess about him masturbating to fantasies about me was right on the mark.

I then knew for sure that I had chosen the correct tactic. I stood more upright and grasped the waistband of my shorts with both hands and pulled them and my panties down to my knees, completely exposing my perfect, round bottom.

"Do you fantasize about my ass?" I taunted as I wiggled my nude butt at him. "Hmmmm?"

He just stared at me, his mouth opening and closing, but no words coming out.

I pulled my shorts back up and turned around to face him. I grasped the bottom of my sweater and raised it up, exposing my braless breasts. "Or do you picture my tits when you jack off? Huh, Dr. Sanders?"

With one hand I began to massage my breasts as he stared. "I have _really_ hot tits, don't I?" Then I nodded and added, "Uh-huh," with a lewd smile.

I pulled my sweater back down over my breasts, and then I lowered both hands to my crotch. I began to massage my vagina through my shorts. "Or do you dream about my cunt? Huh, Dr. Sanders? Do you wanna see my cunt?"

His demeanor was a combination of dejection, confusion, a little anger, and an increasing amount of sexual arousal. "Look, Miss M-----," he said almost pleadingly, "please ... would you stop that ..."

I gloated to myself at how quickly I had turned this cold, arrogant asshole into a pleading little boy. "No, I won't, Dr. Sanders," I said with calm defiance as I continued to massage my crotch in front of him. "I can listen to you quite well while I'm rubbing my pussy. Tell me how much you like jack off and fantasize about me. Come on, Dr. Sanders," I added with a hint of dominance in my voice as he hesitated. "Talk to me -- now!"

I could see him going through what appeared to be a difficult inner struggle. No doubt he resented my high-handed attitude, but at the same time, I could tell he liked the sexual part of what was happening.

After a few seconds, he spoke in a halting, stammering voice. "Look ... Miss M----- ... I admit that ... well, that I sometimes think of you when ... when ..." His voice trailed off and he looked really pained. Then, he sighed and took a breath and changed the subject. "And Miss M-----, I admit that I was ... well, harsh with you before ... but ... well, it's just because I ... well, I never liked being ... well, teased by girls. I could tell that ... or at least you seemed as if you were just another good-looking, teasing, insincere woman, and ... well, and now you're doing ... you're doing just what I feared the most. You're being ... cruel and you're playing on my ... my weakness just like ... just like all those other mean, cruel girls. Won't you please stop? Please!"

He looked like he was almost going to cry, but if I wanted this to succeed, I knew I had to maintain the pressure. I continued to massage myself and I said, slightly more kindly, "Do you think that I'm just being an insincere prick-teaser right now?"

He nodded dejectedly. "Well, Dr. Sanders," I then continued, "we'll see how you feel about that in a little while. Why don't you take out your penis and start masturbating for me?"

He looked as if I had just kicked him in the gut. "Didn't you ... didn't you just hear me?" he moaned desperately. "Here I just ... I just admitted to you ... something that I can hardly admit to myself ..." his voice quickly become small and sad and plaintive again, "... and all you do is act cruel and try to hurt me more."

"Now Dr. Sanders," I replied, calmly taunting him. "How can you say I'm being cruel when I'm giving you the chance to masturbate with me right here instead of in your fantasies? I'm surprised at you! Now I want you to pleasure yourself. Just like you do when you fantasize about me. Come on," I urged, "take out your penis and masturbate for me, and I'll take off my shorts and show you my cunt. You know I'll make you get really hot, Dr. Sanders."

"Well ..." he said quickly as if he was going to argue with me, but then he got quiet -- as if he suddenly realized the folly of looking a gift-horse in the teeth.

"Dr. Sanders, I'm waiting." I said with cold impatience in my voice after he just sat there for a moment or two, struggling with himself. "I know you like to fantasize about me when you masturbate. I know men very well, and I can read you like a book. I know you want to see my cunt _so_ _badly_ -- and you can hardly resist taking out your big penis and stroking it _real_ _good_! I'm not going to wait any more, Dr. Sanders -- get totally nude for me RIGHT NOW!"

He hesitated, swore to himself, and then he obeyed me, nervously taking off his shoes and socks, and then standing up to pull his pants down. Another look of uncertainty covered his face, and he began to stammer something about feeling really unsure of himself and wondering if he really should be doing this.

Instead of saying anything to him in reply, I just took both my hands and slid them into my shorts, and I began to rub myself again, this time moving even more lewdly and sexily than before. "Oh God!" I moaned like a nasty slut. "My cunt is so fuckin' hot -- so fuckin' wet! Get nude and I'll show it to you -- I'll stick it right in your face when you jack off -- I know you'd love that!"

He only hesitated a second or two longer, and then he seemed to overcome his inhibitions. In less than a minute he was standing in front of me, totally naked, his hands fidgeting nervously in front of his groin. He looked at me like a shy young boy searching for approval from his mother. I had read him correctly: underneath his cold, arrogant, condescending exterior was an insecure little kid just dying to be told what to do.

And that was what my plan was all about. He was about to get these inner desires satisfied in a way he probably never dreamed of.

"That's very good," I said after looking him up and down as if to evaluate him in some unspecified way. "Now move your hands out from in front of yourself. Come on -- raise them above your head so I can look at your penis and your testicles."

He tentatively did what I told him.

"Uh-huh -- that's right," I said with a hint of approval in my voice. "Now do you want to see me nude, too?"

"Um ... well, yes ... I ... I do," he said, stammering. "Um ... you said that you'd ... you know ... um, take off your shorts if ..."

"I know what I said, goddamn it!" I shouted. He visibly shrank from me when he heard that. I spoke more calmly: "And I keep my promises -- as long as you ask really nicely. Go ahead, Dr. Sanders -- ask."

"Uh, Miss M----- ..." he stammered, very unsure of himself. "Won't you please get ... get nude for me?"

"Not for YOU I won't -- I only do that for ME," I replied. "That is, unless you ask a lot more nicely than that!"

He shot me an angry look of resentment, but then it dissipated and he looked down at the floor shyly. Looking back up again and shuffling his feet, he said softly, "Won't you please, Miss M----- ... _please_ take off your clothes? Please! I beg of you."

"You catch on fast, Dr. Sanders," I replied. "OK. I'll let you see me nude while you jack off like a little boy. But first you must get down on the floor here -- on your back. Come on Dr. Sanders, do it."

He hesitated, but then he obeyed me and soon he was on his back, his cock sticking up semi-erect. I stood over him, one foot on either side of his waist, and I looked down on him with my hands on my hips. "So tell me, Dr. Sanders," I said with a hint of condescension in my voice. "Have you ever done anything like this before? Hmmm?"

"Uh ... no ... I haven't," he replied, still unsure of himself. "Never anything like this at all. In fact ... um ... well, I haven't ever even been with a woman before at all ... I ... um, I never even kissed anyone or anything."

So I was right about him being a virgin, too. He seemed horribly embarrassed about this, although he obviously had the urge to admit this to me anyway. I'm sure it was because he wanted approval, but I did nothing to reassure him. Speaking in an even, matter-of-fact tone of voice, I replied, "Hmmmm -- I figured as much. How about any men -- or boys?"

"Huh?!" he replied, "I don't understand what ..."

"Have you ever had sex with any men or boys? Did you ever masturbate with a man -- let him suck your dick -- did you ever fuck a guy in the ass -- or let him do it to you? You look like you might like that."

"No! Never! Absolutely not!" he replied with pained righteousness. "I admit that ... well, that I haven't been ... well, very confident around girls ... uh, around women, but I've _never_ been interested in men at all. Never!"

I could tell that he was telling the truth. He was just a shy, insecure straight guy for whom women had been totally inaccessible except as people to watch and fantasize about.

"OK. I believe you," I said, making him feel by the tone of my voice that I was letting him off the hook a little. "So you've never been with a woman, but I bet you really have some hot fantasies about them, don't you?"

"Well ..." he said, his voice trailing off.

"Yeah ... sure you do, honey. We both know you do, so you might as well stop playing games about it. So Dr. Sanders," I added before he could respond, "Did you ever fantasize about having a wet, juicy pussy in your face while you're jacking off?"

"Um ... well, I guess so ... I mean, sort of like that ..." he replied in a small voice.

"Uh-huh. I know, baby, I know," I said, suddenly acting intimate, soft, and supportive. "So here, honey. Take your prick in your hand and start masturbating -- and watch me as I take off my clothes -- _all_ my clothes."

His face lit up like a kid who just got his Christmas wish. He wrapped his hand around his cock and began to stroke himself -- slowly at first, and then more forcefully as he got more into it.

As he jacked off on the floor underneath me, I slowly removed my clothes, acting like a slutty stripper. His penis, which had only been semi-erect up until then, very quickly grew to its full, rigid proportions in his hand as he watched me with an eager expression on his face.

I didn't speak at all. Soon, I had stripped all the way down to only my panties and high heels. Then, I really began to taunt him. I began to teasingly pull the crotch aside give him glimpses of my vagina, only to quickly cover it up again. I pulled my panties really tight against me and squatted down within inches of his face and gyrated my hips. This got him much more aroused, and soon he was breathing heavy and bucking his hips up and down in rhythm to his fist sliding around his rigid prick.

Then, I eased myself out of my panties and started to talk really dirty to him. "Ooooooh yeah, baby. Look at my pussy -- my hot, wet cunt! See how my finger slides _deep_ inside -- in and out -- yeah!"

I turned around to face towards his feet and placed my legs on either side of his shoulders. Then, I squatted down with my crotch only a short distance above his face. I leaned forward and supported my weight by holding onto his thighs. "That's it, baby," I hissed lewdly, "pump that big prick -- ooooooh, so good -- yeah, feel it in your hand! Now do you want to smell my pussy baby? Huh? You want Mama's hot, wet cunt right down on your face? Huh?"

"Uh ... yeah ... uh-huh!" he croaked, the words catching in his throat as he panted.

I could tell he was close to orgasm. Suddenly, I grabbed his hand and pulled it away from his cock. "My grade suddenly has become an 'A', hasn't it?"

He groaned and seemed to be wracked with indecision.

"Here's the deal, Dr. Sanders," I said firmly and in a no-nonsense tone of voice. My grade is now an 'A', and I'll rub my cunt all over your face and let you cum that way. If you please me for the rest of the semester in class, and if you help me whenever I need it until I graduate, I'll come over here now and then and make you do things you never dreamed of. If you don't do everything I ask, I'll call the police and say that you tried to rape me. I don't think this is going to be a very difficult choice for you, Dr. Sanders, and I don't have much time. What's your decision?"

He swore loudly, but he seemed to grasp the reality of the situation quickly. "You've got your 'A', Miss M-----," he sighed, sounding quite defeated. "And I'll do whatever you want." In this sentence he sounded less dejected and almost excited -- as I knew he would be.

"That's a good boy ..." I cooed, "... for a dirty, nasty little masturbator." I released his hand and slowly lowered my open vagina right down over his face, covering his mouth with it and allowing his nose to push up the crack of my ass near my anal opening.

I'm sure he'd been dreaming of something like this for years. "Oh God!" he mumbled into my crotch, and began to moan with joy and pleasure as I began to move my pussy all around, smearing my juices all over his grateful face.

"Come on," I ordered in a low, throaty whisper. "Pump that big thing of yours. Shoot your cum -- make it go all over yourself -- all over your belly -- come on, aim your dirty little dick at your belly -- that's it -- yeah, baby, my cunt is so wet in your face -- feel your hot cream rising up the length of your big, throbbing prick!"

I knew that would push him over the edge. With a deep moan that was almost a scream, he began to wildly thrust his hips up and down as he milked gob after creamy gob of his cum out of his shooting penis. It got all over his hand, his belly, and his chest.

I kept talking lewdly to him and rubbing my pussy and asshole all over his face as his spasms and moans gradually slowed down and then finally stopped.

I sighed happily and smiled to myself, knowing that not only was my grade point average intact, but that over the next year or so I was going to have a lot of fun making Dr. Sanders drink my piss, wear my clothes, and serve me any way I want as my abject sex slave. I was really going to enjoy turning him into my little girl-slut.

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