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Ocean Park Beach

I had been in Southern California for about a year when it finally dawned on me that I was gay (some of us are slow starters - I was 23 at the time) and from that point on I was climbing the walls. I wanted a guy - especially the cute, curely haired guys I would see at the beach - terribly, but I didn't have the nerve to approach them. I would walk the beach in Venice (the area that is gay and used to even be nude) and in a certain area off Ocean Park that used to be heavily gay. The walks would fuel my imagination and besides, I also enjoyed the exercise and fresh air. summer that year that I took a walk just after dusk. I started in Venice and was walking north at it got continually darker - for once I wasn't obsessed with my newly discovered sexuality. A dog follow ed me part of the way and I was having fun throwing a stick for him out into the ocean. He finally loped away and I was pretting much on my own - it was a bit chilly that night and the beach was almost deserted. When I got to Ocean Park, I sat down on the beach for a while, just staring out on the ocean - something that always ghad a calming effect on me. Then I noticed, a ways out, that something was swimming around in the waves. I couldn't quite make it out and I was excited because I thought it might be a dolphin, something I always wanted to see. Then I got really excited. It was a young man, and he was naked, frolicking around in the surf. It took me about 10 seconds to decide what to do and then, before I could change my mind I stripped off my clothes and dove into the water, swiming in his direction. I'm a good swimmer and waves were not high, so I didn't have much trouble finding him. When I popped up near him he was at first taken aback, but I turned on my biggest smile and yelled "Hello!" He smiled and waved back, and we started to drift towards each other. I told him I thought I was the only person crazy enough to swim nude in the twilight (this is before all the scares about polution in that area, you understand) and he told me he did it all the time. He loves to swim nude, he said, and the only way he can do it without hassles from the police is to go at night. The water, by the way, seemed warm and luxorious - much warmer than the air. And so we just lazily swam around for a while, telling each other about ourselves. When he would take little dives I could see that he had a trim, beautiful tanned body, made strong and taunt from all the swimming. WE laughed a lot, sometimes splashing each other all in fun. I wanted him so bad - just even to hold him close - that I at times did not know what to say. But he seemed content just to swim and float in silence between spurts of conversation. We were drifting toward shore when little started to come in. I quietly swam between him and the open ocean and let one of the waves knock me into him. He laughed and I put me arm around his chest as if to steady myself. Just the feel of his smooth skin almost made me come - it was the first time I had felt a man's muscles like that. I started to let go and he pushed down on my head, dunking me in fun. I swam underneath him and toppled him. His time I actually touched his ass and for me, the feeling was like falling off a cliff. I was his, he could do anything with me, if only he wanted to. And he did...

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We started to frolic in the water, jsut at the point where we could barely touch ocean bottom, so it was easy to knock each other off balance. I had a raging hard on, harder than I had ever been in my life, but I was so entranced by him that I didn't care if he noticed. Finally, be got around me and grabed me from behind, wrapping his arms around my chest and pulling me close. I stopped resisting and when he pulled me to him, tight, I knew that he had a hard on, too. For what seemed forever, we just stood there, our heads above water, our bodies close. Little waves would pass over us, but we didn't move. He started to rub his hands across my chest, giving me a little massage. I dropped my head down, completely enveloped by the pleasure. Then I reached around to pull him even closer and to feel his back muscles. He turned me around and hugged me close, letting his hands fall down to my ass. We kissed, the first time I had ever kissed a man that way, and he slipped his tongue into my mouth. I had been with girls, but it was never like this. This was electric. We were both rubbing our hands all over now and he reached around to put his tongue in my ear. I dont think I will ever have a moment that erotic again in my life. Finally, he whispered that we might want to get out of the ocean and warm up at his apartment. I asked where he lived and since I lived closer, I suggested we go there. We went up on the beach and it took me 5 or six minutes to find my clothes (he had wisely put his under a lifeguard station so he had no trouble. WE laughted a lot about all this - there were other people on the beach and they just giggled at the sight of me frantically looking for my clothes. When no one was around, he dried me off with his towel and stole a kiss. Luckily I found my clothes before someone else came along it was perfect. I was still too new to all this and more than a little conflicted. But he was gentle and the sex was like nothing I had ever had before. I saw him a few more times before he fell in love with a violinist he met at UCLA, where he was a public health student. I didn't regret it, I didn't really love him, but he will always be special to me. I wonder where he is now?

Gay Sex Stories

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