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  •  Bondage Sex Stories
    Check out this great selection of first time virgin sex stories.
  •   Abused
    Well it was Thursday afternoon. Almost the end of another long day at work.
  •   At The Conference
    She looked around the hotel room and thought . Certainly, as starving grad students, neither he or she could afford a room at a hotel like this.
  •   Biker Weekend
    Several years ago, before I had my drinking "problem," I had the perfect life.
  •   Bondage Story
    It is now late Sunday night and the weekend is over and what a weekend it had been.
  •   Chinese Puzzle
    I've been a lurker on this group since its inception, and since I introduced my wife to it, she's been pressing me to post one of our stories.
  •   Mercedes
    The lady who really got me into bondage with me was my first wife Mercedes.
  •   My First Birching
    Late August we went to spend some weeks in the Alps with all the family.
  •   Odyssey Of Submission
    Some girls grow up wanting to be Vivian Leigh in "Gone With The Wind," gliding down an opulent staircase in an exquisite evening gown.
  •   The Chair Woman
    The word that most comes to mind for this woman is `grave.'
  •   Wife Buys A Mistress
    I admit it. I'm selfish about my pleasure. There's nothing chauvinistic or Cro-Magnon about it.
  •  College Sex Stories
    Check out this great selection of college sex stories.
  •   Indecision
    I rolled the glowing tip of ash against the edge of the cup, and watched the burnt tobacco and paper fall.
  •   Locker Room Lust
    Last Friday, something happened to me that I feel I must share with you and your readers.
  •   My Professor
    College sex stories featuring real, free, true, lesbian sex, boy sex training, first time, gay, sex stories.
  •   Night In The Lab
    Yes, you might say I am the typical computer nerd. 6'1", 150, and absolutely NO looks
  •   Post Midterm Party
    Out here at "beautiful" Pebble Creek U. (a.k.a. the State U. of New York at Stony Brook, home of mud and fluffies), we have a fairly active science fiction club, the Science Fiction Forum.
  •   Reunion
    "Sally..." My eyes were crusted with sleep, and the keyboard of my terminal seemed to have imbedded its pattern in my face.
  •   School Daze
    I was a new freshman at college and of course I was a little nervous and shy.
  •   Sorority Pledge
    I'm a college co-ed at the present. Pledge indoctrination usually takes place in early Fall.
  •   Teachers Pet
    At school, Billy Graff had gotten into the habit of leaving Study Hall to "use the bathroom".
  •   Yale Frat Party
    Here is a story -somewhat true, somewhat rumor, but either way, fairly jucy, well worth the time to read, but clearly not for the meek.
  •  First Time Virgin Stories
    Check out this great selection of first time virgin sex stories.
  •   Babysitters Clogs
    Now that clogs were back in style this past summer, I'm reminded of an early sexual experience.
  •   College Friends
    It was the beginning of the fall semester at _______ University, the best of the Big Ten schools, and the parties and mixers were just getting underway.
  •   Cumming Of Age
    With the help of my older sister, Jackie, and two of her boyfriends, I lost my virginity the weekend my folks went to Vegas.
  •   Experience At Camp
    It was my first time away at camp, and being 16 at the time, was a little old to be homesick.
  •   First Time
    All I wanted was a nice, safe, monogomous relationship.
  •   High School
    My name is Phil Wheeler. I'm a sales rep. The events in this story took place a couple weeks ago.
  •   Home Run
    I always wondered what it was that was barring me from the world of sex.
  •   Riding Bareback
    I'm in my mid 20's, now, and my wedding is planned for this September and I'm very excited about it.
  •   The Drive Home
    When I was 17, I worked part-time at a retail store. There was a girl I worked with named Kim.
  •   Two Virgins
    I am an 18-year-old female with long, wavy brown hair and a 36-24-35 figure.
  •  Gay Male Stories
    Check out this great selection of gay sex stories.
  •   A Summer Romance
    Hi Boys - I'd like to share with you a very romantic experience I had. It happened a few years ago but it seems like last week
  •   First Gay Lover
    When I first came out, I was just over 40 and knew nothing about gay men.
  •   Frat Brother First
    My sophomore year at Univ of Illinois I found myself spending an inordinate amount of time on one of the school-sponsored bulletin board systems.
  •   Hot Story
    A few years ago, I lived in a luxury apartment complex. Across the hall was a great guy by the name of John.
  •   Latin Lovers Unite
    My friend Lico, who is 19 and from Guadamala called me two nights ago around 11:30 p.m.
  •   Mailroom Job
    It was a drag job. The guys were mostly fuckoff types who didn't care what kind of job they did.
  •   My First Time
    We had just moved to a college town and it was summer. Our new house was not yet ready, so my family was forced to live in an apt for a few months.
  •   Ocean Park Beach
    I had been in Southern California for about a year when it finally dawned on me that I was gay
  •   The Truth
    okay, I was only sixteen, and pretty clueless about my double-sided nature.
  •   Water Polo Stud
    When I was a junior in high school a couple of years ago, there was the really hot guy on the water polo team named Peter.
  •  Lesbian Sex Stories
    Free lesbian love sex stories to read.

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