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Teacher's Pet

At school, Billy Graff had gotten into the habit of leaving Study Hall to "use the bathroom". What he actually did there, however, was climb into the ventilation system, and peek into the girl's locker room while they showered after gym class.

Now Billy was 11 years old, so he fit rather easily into the air vents.

One day, he got a little too turned on by what he saw in the locker room, and pulled down his pants to jerk off. He was so excited, he didn't even notice when he got out afterward, that he had dragged himself through his cum.

When he climbed out of the air vent, his teacher, Miss Williams, was standing there. When she saw his pants, it didn't take a genius to figure out what he had been doing.

"I want to see you in my classroom after school, young man!" she said.

So, that afternoon, when his last class was over, he went to Miss Williams' room.

"Come in and lock the door." she said. "Sit down here. Now tell me what you were doing in that vent."

"Well, I, er, um...."

"Come, come! Tell me! Were you looking at the girls?"

"Yes Ma'am. I was." he told her.

"What were you doing in there to get all that stuff on your pants? Were you masturbating in there?" He thought her voice sounded funny. She didn't sound mad anymore. But still, something wasn't right.

"Yes, I was. What are you going to do to me?" By now he was so scared, he was crying.

When she saw his tears, she went to him and put her arms around his shoulders and started stroking his hair.

"Shhhh! Don't cry. I won't hurt you. It's normal for a boy your age to be curious about girls. Did you like what you saw in the girl's locker room?"

All Billy could do was nod. He liked the way she was holding his head against her breast. In that position, all he had to do was turn his head a little bit and he could have sucked on that beautiful tit!

"Billy, I want you to do something for me. I need to know exactly what you were doing so I can figure out a suitable punishment. I want you to show me what you did in the vent."

Billy's heart skipped a beat right then. Did she really want him to jerk his dong right there in front of her?

"You mean take it out right here and stroke it?"

"If that's what you did in the air vent, yes. I want to see you do it."

So he unzipped his pants, and pulled them down to his knees along with his underpants. He was just about to get started, when she told him to go ahead and take them all the way off and sit on her desk.

"Sit right up here," she said, and she pointed to the edge of her desk that faced her chair. "I want to see up close, to be absolutely sure that what you did was wrong."

So Billy pulled his pants and underpants off, and sat up on her desk while she sat in her chair. Then he started pumping his fist up and down the length of his throbbing member.

"If this is what you were doing in there, it's definitely wrong!"

Billy felt his heart jump into his throat. His cock was also trying to crawl up inside his belly.

"If you're going to do that, do it like this." And with that she reached out and started stroking his cock. Not hard like he had done, but gently and slowly.

His cock had never felt this good, or grown so big when he had done this to himself! She even used her other hand to play with his ball sack.

"Don't you have a girlfriend to do this for you? No?! Would you like me to be your girlfriend?" As she said that, she lowered her head and kissed the tip of his cock!

"You mean you'd do this for me whenever I want?" he asked hopefully.

"Not anytime. But if you want to come to my house for some "tutoring", I think we can convince the school and your parents that you need the extra help."

"I'd like that! Would you kiss my Pee-Pee again?"

"OK. But call it a cock. OK, sweetheart?"

"OK!" he said as she kissed it again. Then she did something he had never even heard of. She took his cock in her mouth and started sucking it! His cock immediately exploded in her mouth and he shot loads of cum down her throat. He had never cum so much in his life!

"Oh, baby! That tasted so sweet! No I want you to do me. Let's trade places." She got up and had him sit in her chair. Then she pulled off her slacks and sat on the edge of the desk. She hadn't been wearing any panties!

He gazed longingly into the most beautiful cunny he had ever seen. Not that he had seen all that many of them.

She reached down, and with the fingers of one hand spread her cunt open for him. Then she put her other hand on the back of his head and pulled him forward. He guessed (correctly) that what she wanted was for him to lick her cunny. So he put out his tongue and gave her a quick lick. Then after deciding that he liked it, he got his face right into her and started digging his tongue deep into her pink, wet meat.

She guided him through it, telling him when to lick harder, or softer, and when to lick a different place entirely. She even got him to lick her butthole!

All of a sudden he noticed that without even touching it, and after already shooting his load, his cock was hard as iron again. When she saw him look down at it, and she noticed how big it was again, she decided it was time to move on to the next step in his education.

"Billy, sweetheart. I want you to stand up right there between my legs. Now, take hold of your lovely prick, and guide the head into the opening of my cunt."

He did as he was told, and then she put her heels against his ass and pulled him into her.

"Oh, baby! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! That's it, pump it in and out. Harder baby, harder!"

He couldn't believe anything could have felt better than when she sucked his cock. But this was definitely better! Her cunny was all hot and wet inside. And there were no teeth to scrape him.

"OK honey, pull out for a minute." After he pulled his cock out of her cunt, she got down, turned around and leaned over the desk.

"Now, I want you to slide that beautiful thing up my ass. Get on the chair if you need to. But I need your cock in my butt!"

Her ass was almost too tight. He thought she was going to crush it and he'd never be able to use it again. But as they both got used to it, they both began to enjoy it immensely.

After about ten minutes of him pumping his hard, hairless cock into her tight ass channel, they both started coming at the same time. He shot load after load of hot cum up her beautiful ass, and she loved it! The more he pumped it into her, the harder she came.

When they finished, she helped him get dressed, but she wouldn't let him put on his underpants.

"I want to keep these. Kind of like a trophy." Then she handed him her panties, from her purse.

"I thought you weren't wearing any." he said.

"I was before I caught you coming out of the vent. After that I figured we'd end up doing this, so I went into the bathroom and took them off for you. I hope we can get together and do this a lot more often."

"I think I can get my folks to let me come over to your house for some of that tutoring."

"Would you mind if I bring a friend along so you can fuck her too? She's very pretty. In fact she's about your age, and we've been making love for about a year now."

"I'd like that! Is she a virgin?" he asked.

"Yes, but she won't be after you get your lovely little cock into her tight little pussy!"

They left together, and she gave him a ride home. They managed to keep their relationship going (and a secret) for the next two years. And they kept adding to their list of lovers, by her bringing friends (adults and kids) and by him bringing friends from school.

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