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Water Polo Stud

When I was a junior in high school a couple of years ago, there was the really hot guy on the water polo team named Peter. Now Peter was also a junior and he was incredibly muscular. He worked out in the pool daily from 5:45am-7:30 and 3:00pm-5:30pm. He also pumped iron regularly. He had sandy brown hair and was about 6'2". He was about 180, all muscle. I was about 6'0", not nearly as buff, and strong. I fantasized about Peter daily. I just wanted for him to flex those hard biceps while I pumped in and out of his hard ass. So finally, one day, I decided to make my move. I waited after school one day for him, after his practice. I snuck into the swimming area and into the locker room. I saw him changing and I began beating off watching him stretch that enormous body. Anyway, I began groaning(not intentionally), and I guess he heard me. He yanked open the stall door where I was and said "Well well, what do we have here?". I remember trying to run, but he just held one with his muscular hands. All of a sudden I had more energy in me than ever. I pushed him to the ground, and held him down. I ripped off those tight Speed o's to reveal his manhood. He was so muscular. He was now lying on his washboard stomach, his biceps flexing as he groped about. Without a word, a positioned by hard cock at the base of his asshole and began to push in. Peter screamed "No! Don't do this to me! I swear I'll beat the shit out of you." That was the last thing on my mind. Anyway, Peter said "is this gonna hurt?". I said "This will hurt more than anything you've ever felt" wanting even more to begin pumping his tight ass. I moved in for the kill. I begin pushing in. As I did he screamed bloody murder into the floor. I pushed all the way in. He screamed like I've never heard. I was finally in him. I began riding that tight ass like a cowboy groaning in pleasure as I caused this hard stud so much pain. I pumped harder and faster and harder until his virgin asshole started bleeding. I then quickly pulled out and stuck my cock in his mouth. Not knowing what to do he began sucking it unwillingly, tasting his own shit in his mouth. He sucked and sucked and I kept deep throating his until I came so hard in his mouth that he began gagging. I then got dressed and ran so far. He never really made contact with me again that year. I wonder why?

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